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Ražots un izstrādāts Latvijā







Mums ir liela Nordeca produktu izvēle, visi produkti tiek ražoti un izstrādāti mūsu rūpnīcā Latvijā.
Mēs izmantojam videi draudzīgus materiālus, un visa koksne nāk no ilgtspējīgiem mežiem.

design panels riga
wooden panels latvia


Videi draudzīgs dizains

Mūsu paneļi ir augstas kvalitātes un videi draudzīg. Visas mūsu koka izējvielas nāk no ilgtspējīgiem mežiem. Un aizmugure (filcis) ir izgatavota no pārstrādātas plastmasas.


Mūsu paneļi ir moderns un izsmalcināts
risinājums, lai izveidotu dizainu, kuru vēlaties


Mūsu produkciju ļoti augstu vērtē mūsu klienti, mēs piedāvājam vislabāko cenas un augstas kvalitātes attiecību.

Globāls bizness

Mēs cenšamies būt pieejami jums jebkurā
diennakts laikā, kā arī veicam piegādes gandrīz
visā pasaulē.

  • How can I place an order?
    To place an order you need to repeat all the same steps: 1. Add the product you are interested in to the basket; 2. Then Place an order (at this stage you do not pay anything); 3. Our manager will answer you via mail. -Delivery within 7-10 working days
  • How can I find out the shipping cost?
    To find out the cost of delivery: 1. Add the product you are interested in to the basket; 2. Then Place an order (at this stage you do not pay anything); 3. Our manager will answer you via mail. 4. Delivery within 7-10 working days
  • Where is your factory located?
    Our factory is located in Latvia in the city of Jurmala. If you want to come to us and see the panels live, please call us in advance. +371 27 112 609 NOVIGATOR: SIA Nordeca
  • Who is the manufacturer of the panels?
    We've been designing and creating our panels ourselves since 2020. All our raw materials come from Europe, we use wood from sustainable forests, which makes our products eco-friendly.
  • I can't choose a color, what should I do?
    We understand it's a difficult choice, you can order samples or a sample box with all the colors and then you can definitely decide on a color.
  • Do you have a sound test?
    Apparently on graphics, the panel are most effective at frequencies from 300 Hz to 2000 Hz that covers a big range. Actually it means that panels will extinguish both high notes, and a deep sound. The loud speech and usual noise in the house will be in the range from 500 to 2000 Hz, and, apparently on graphics, exactly here the acoustic panel is the most effective. The sound test which you see here is based on the acoustic panels installed on a strip of 45 mm with mineral wool behind panels. It really matters if you have in the room bad acoustics. At office it also can be very useful as the healthy sound environment will make employees happier and effective. Researches also showed that restaurants with good acoustics will bring more income on each guest, than restaurants with bad acoustics. In other words - creation of the good sound environment is important for your health. View the diagram
  • What size are the Hexagon panels?
    Weight of 1 panel is 3.65kg Rear part size(Felt)-660mm (Height) and 600mm (Width). Height from highest point to lowest point - 760mm Width- 620mm Thickness- 22mm Seam size- 15mm
  • What are the dimensions of acoustic panels?
    We have several sizes available, but not all products are sold under a specific size, see the size in the product description. Sizes for acoustic panels start from: 242x2400mm 600x1200mm 600x2400mm-12 kg 600x2970mm-15 kg With the planks and felt combined, the total thickness is 22 mm.
  • What are the dimensions of the wooden wall panels?
    2 Sizes: 12x600x2400mm; 12x600x2970mm Panel weight: 12x600x2400mm-14 kg; 12x600x2970mm-17,32 kg
  • How can I install acoustic panels by myself?
    Our panels are easy to install, you can install them yourself or ask a craftsman. We have installation instructions And also step by step video: This video applies to all acoustic panels except Hexagon Acoustic Panels
  • How can I install Hexagon acoustic panels?
    We have prepared an installation video for you: Note: to get the effect as in the video, be sure to flip every 2 panels. You should get a puzzle effect
  • How can I install Wooden partitions?
    We have prepared an installation video for you:
  • How can I install Wooden Wall panels?
    We have prepared an installation video for you:

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