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ANNO 2020

Nordeca acoustic panels team


Our story began 4 years ago in the city of Riga. We have been thinking for a long time about how we can help people, acquire comfort and peace of mind at home in a matter of hours. And then we decided to make production on acoustic panels. After all, improving the echo in a room is one thing, but making it stylish and modern is another. We make our panels only from high quality materials. Our natural veneer comes from sustainable forests and the back (felt) is made from recycled plastic, making our panels eco-friendly.

In this way, we have been on the market for more than 4 years, our panels decorate not only houses, but also shops, offices, schools and more, all over the world.

Many of our clients become our partners and help us to give people a quality product.

Oskars Zlidnis

Plant manager

Ksenija Jakusheva

Private Client Specialist

Eduards Vjatkins


Aleksandra Jakovleva

Marketing Manager

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