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Minimum order quantity 1 box/5pcs


Acoustic ceiling panels are a freshly developed product that can enhance your ceiling. Our ceiling panels are the same quality as conventional acoustic wall panels. The same high quality veneer from sustainable forests, and the back of the panel (PET-FELT) is made of recycled plastic, which is what makes our panels acoustic.

Panel size: 22x600x600mm


Weight of 1 panel: 2,7 kg
Weight of 1 box (5 panels): 13 kg


VAT is included in the price


SKU: #2226SUS
VAT Included |
  • Installation of ceiling panels is done with an armstrong suspended ceiling. You can open any instruction and install suspended ceilings yourself, or ask your handyman. Next, you just need to insert the panels, the size of which is 22x600x600mm

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