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Compact Acoustic Panels is a specially designed new panel from Nordeca. Made for you to get a new design. They differ only in size and in the final you get beautiful seams between the panels. They are very easy to install, you can flip the panels vertically and horizontally as you wish. They are light and make your wall aesthetic and fresh.


Size: 235x795 mm (0.187m2/pcs)

Distance between laths - 5 mm

Seam width which turns out after installation is 14 mm

Weight: 1.7 kg




SKU: 2904
VAT Included |
  • Nordeca acoustic panels are a modern and refined solution when it comes to creating design you want to see.

    We have specially sorted the veneer so that it appears with small cracks and creases, because we want our acoustic panels to look natural and pleasant.

    All our panels are manufactured in Latvia.

    You can install your acoustic panels with just a few tools, and with our installation instructions you will be safe throughout the process.

    Acoustic panels are ideal for use in any room where reverberation is a problem. The acoustic filter from the processed plastic absorbs sound waves and does not reflect sound waves indoors.
    In general the sound will be minimized.

    Use our acoustic panels to create a healthy sound environment for you, your employees or your family.

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