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Only for walls.

  • Dimensions: 217 mm x 432 mm
  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Material: MDF 12 mm + Natural Oak veneer 1.5mm
  • Finish: hard oil
  • Weight: 570 g/pcs


1 m2 - 16 pcs

Price- 10 EUR/PCS

160 eur/m2 with VAT


VAT Included |
  • Veneer rhombuses are a trend in interior design.

    Update your wall with our new product: decorative wooden rhombus. Each rhombus has been handmade by our craftsmen.

    The shape of the rhombus is geometry and minimalism, it is responsible for the dynamics in the interior. Such ornamentation never gets boring or irritating.

    You can decorate any room, the pattern will depend on your imagination. You can turn the figure as you want.

    And installation to the wall is very simple. Use construction glue to stick the rhombus to the wall. In a short time, you will get a quality and stylish result.

    Price-160 eur/m2 with VAT

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