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Sizes:  21x600x2400mm; 21x600x2970mm

Panel weight: 21x600x2400mm-14 kg;

21x600x2970mm-17,32 kg


PriceFrom €89.00
VAT Included |
  • ✓Varnished

    Our wooden wall panels is a freshly developed design that is at the peak of popularity and demand. Our panels are handcrafted.

    1. The back is made of PET-FELT-recycled plastic, which is what gives the acoustic effect.
    2. The middle part of the panel is made from premium moisture resistant MDF and can withstand moisture outside of the shower area in the bathroom.
    3. The front side is made of top quality natural veneer, which adds a sense of calmness and closeness to nature to your interior.

    The front is finished with a special varnish that gives our standard colors a deep hue. Lacquer protects the panel from damage, dirt and discoloration.

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