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Nordeca TIMBER ACOUSTIC PANELS consist of acoustic wood wool cement board (WWCB) made by Latvian manufacturer Cewood and MDF laths faced with natural veneer from European sustainable forests.


Each lath is veneered on three sides.


Price: 87.12 eur/pcs with VAT

121 eur/m2 with VAT

Size: 65x600x1200mm

Weight: 14,5 kg/pcs


SKU: timber
VAT Included |
  • The main qualities of fiberboard:
    It is ecological, natural, safe for the environment and health.
    Thanks to the natural raw materials, the board constructions create a pleasant microclimate, typical of an environment with natural wood finishes.

    CEWOOD fiberboards have a high thermal capacity, which allows to protect rooms from sharp temperature changes.

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