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If you are interested in PET-FELT panels, but want a different pattern.

No problem, we can make your personal design for you. Send us details, a template (whatever you want) and we will make the layout and then the panels for you.


*Send us your design by email.


Price on request
Price per layout: from 100 euros + consumables


53,47 EUR/m2 with VAT


PriceFrom €39.00
VAT Included |
    • PET FELT: This soft material is made of recycled plastic bottles. Recycled felt has very good acoustic properties, which makes it ideal for improving acoustics. PET felt panels are beautiful and can be easily made into the most beautiful creations.  Acoustic felt can be applied to both the wall and the ceiling.
    • Easy to install - use only adhesive

    • Acoustic solution

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